Saturday, 12 January 2008

Search for Jonathan Brentwood

Jonathan Brentwood used to live in Jacksonville Florida 32205 until May 2007.

I initially put up this page to find him.

I found out that he died in San Francisco on 30 June 2011.



Friend of Jonathan said...


Anonymous said...

As another former friend of Jon's I can say this comes as no surprise; although I thought he had beaten that several years ago when he became ill. I am sorry to hear that things have gone that far.

I will say that Jon gave up on computers years ago and did not even have one of his own the last time I saw him in Dec 2005, so I doubt he will ever see this. He was talking of moving to Denmark or something..I forget where but its one of those places that hookers and drugs are legal, make sense now.

AnAdmirer said...

Do you have a picture of this Jonathan? Has he lived elsewhere other than Jacksonville? Do you have a description of him? Caucasian male, height, weight, complexion, color hair, right/left-handed, any identifying marks or mannerisms or idioms he speaks, color eyes, hobbies?

Any clubs or associations or hobbies he might have been into? Companions, or acquaintances?

Good luck finding him.

Anonymous said...

The only clubs Jon was into was CLub Jacksonville. Don't like speaking bad about the dead, but I knew him very well as he lived with us for several years when he first got sick. He was never very honest with others about his illness, and had been diagnosed years before he got sick and continued going to the bath house. I cared a lot about him, but eventually there came a point where the lies and irresponsibility were too much and I couldnt risk my job and family to be associated with him. JOn was about 5'6 or 7 and 150 when healthy. He kind of looked like Gary Senise - who oddly enough he adored. He had been a manager at Walmart until he lost that due to the drugs and not showing up. as fo rpeople he may have dated...I never knew him to actually have a boyfriend but he had a very good friend from Minnesota and he frequently hooked up with some really young guy named Kevin in Jax. Sad to hear he passed.

AnAdmirer said...

Hi. I don't recall now why I thought I might have had a connection or an assumption that I might have known Jonathan, and therefore posted that question for more descriptive information. There were two cities that I might have met someone and that would have been in San Diego or Las Vegas, so I'll have to venture that I did not know the Jonathan Brentwood you're looking for.

I see that Tom posted the additional description, but on this screen I don't see the other post. I thought I saw a post stating that you had discovered Jonathan had passed earlier this year? If that's the case, I'm sorry for your loss.